Welcome to Zam Zam Islamic Primary School

We are proudly Islamic in every aspect of our school life. We believe in raising our children while giving them the best of both academic and Islam worlds in a safe and serene environment.

Word from Headteacher ( Primary )

Assalaam Aleikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

We greet you all in the name of our creator the Almighty Allah. may peace and blessings be bestowed to the noble Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). it’s the mercy and grace of Allah for the existence of our beloved School ZamZam Islamic Nursery and Primary School.

It’s a great honour at this material time to extend my sincere thanks to all stake holders in different aspects for their endless efforts rendered to the school. Allow me use this website platform to communicate to you all our dear ones.e

head teacher Zamzam

Why Join Us.

Health Care

At Zam Zam the health of our children is a priority. With our well qualified nurses first hand treatment and first aid is given to all our unwell children

Standard Facilities

Are you looking for a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing to your child? Look no further.

Academic Excellence

In pursuit of excellence only the best is good enough at Zam Zam. Our candidates always excel in both UNEB and Islamic theology.

Dedicated Staff

Our team of professional teachers encourage learners to reach for the stars and not to settle for anything less than the best of their capabilities.

Interactive Classes

ZAM ZAM approaches engage the whole child and make learning a personal contest rather than a routine.

Islamic Values

We teach children about Allah’s majesty—His character, attributes, and nature. The more they know about Allah’s holiness, the more they will love Him.

School Anthem

Oh zam zam primary school
What a mighty rock, what a gift from Allah
Strong and firm you stand, great and peaceful too.
By your side Zam Zam indeed we shall stay.

1. May the Almighty Allah Keep you safe!
May He reward teachers, parents and the state!
May all the seeds you sow,
Bear all the fruits you need,
with Zam zam our future is bright.

2. May we all the Children stand by you!
Live to the discipline the teacher have enforced.
May Allah Bless our hands give us a chance to win,
with you Zam Zam our future is bright.