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We provide an environment that inspires children to freely explore, discover & learn.

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About Zam Zam Nursery School

Zam Zam Islamic Nursery School is an early childhood education and care provider that gives industry-leading programs that assist children to learn, grow and thrive in the society.
Our Children are taught Islamic values at the roots to produce an Allah fearing person.
Our services offer a nurturing, appealing and favorable environment for a child’s learning process. We have dedicated and experienced staff who are keen on the development of your child’s mind and character in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Why ZAM ZAM is the best for your child


ZAM ZAM approaches engage the whole child and make learning a personal contest rather than a routine.


We provide a healthy diet that really fuels the brain, making kids more likely to focus easily and perform well at school.


The school offers both pick-ups and drop-offs for registered student. The price is determined by the approximate mileage covered.


We are fully furnished to carry out well-planned remote/distance learning. In case of long uncertainties.

Word from the Head teacher (Nursery)

Asalaam Aleikum,

We praise the Almighty Allah who has seen us through the long holiday and thank you for entrusting us with your children academic year 2021.Isha Allah we promise to deliver.

The 10th of January marked the beginning of the academic year 2022 term 1, with our new learners much eager and excited about school. It’s such a great beginning.

Children Birthdays,We request each parent to have their child’s birth date celebrated at school with the friends in order to have fun and also feel greatly loved by everyone.

Progress check:This is a day of interaction between the parent and teachers to find out more about the child’s character and academic progress. We do get feedback from you through our assessment forms where you asses the learners, teachers and the services provided by the school, thus helping us to improve on our services rendered.

Swimming,This being the most enjoyed as well as talent developing club by majority of our learners, we therefore remind you interested parents to be packing them with a swimming costume (boys and girls), floater and a towel every Friday.

On behalf of Zam Zam School we wish you a hopeful and splendid year

Thanks for your attention.

Yours in service.

Nakitto Hanifa Kibira

Our Educators

Our qualified Educators are passionate about helping children learn in a fun and creative way. We value children and invest in quality training and professional improvement of our educationalists

School Program

School Opens at 6:30am
Assembly /aerobics (Mon/ Wed)
Theology recitations start at
Lessons start
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